Sunday the 30th of September will see the closure of the rail line between Epping and Chatswood. This closure is necessary for the completion of the Sydney Metro so safety screens can be installed and power lines upgraded. Once completed, the Sydney Metro will deliver a train every four minutes in peak. This will allow commuters to get on and off the trains much quicker and will particularly benefit those who are mobility impaired because there is no longer a gap between the train and platform. I welcome the delivery of the Sydney Metro and I ask people to be patient during the shutdown.

During this time Station Link, a high frequency ‘turn up and go’ bus service will replace trains. Key features of Station Link include buses between Epping and Chatswood every six minutes during the peak; more than 110 services per hour in the busiest parts of the day; direct peak services to and from St Leonards, Beecroft and Eastwood; a dedicated high frequency service to Macquarie University campus from Epping station; and a loop service running at least every 10 minutes, seven days a week to all stations between Epping and Chatswood.

Station Link is intended as an additional service. Train services that previously ran between Hornsby and the city via Macquarie Park and the North Shore line, will be replaced by limited stop services towards the city via Strathfield. Similarly, passengers catching the train from Pennant Hills, Beecroft and Cheltenham to the city will now travel via Strathfield, meaning there is no need to get off the train.

Station Link will be supported by other on demand services such as Keoride, designed to get people to and from their work place in Macquarie Park, and OurBus designed to pick up customers from a convenient location near their home. While the closure of the trains will inevitably be a cause of some frustration, every measure possible has been taken to minimise the impact and move the thousands of commuters that travel the Epping to Chatswood line as smoothly as possible.

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