On Wednesday the 7th of February an independent planning panel deferred its decision on the development application which proposed to demolish the heritage cottage at 48 Oxford Street, Epping. Damien Tudehope was granted leave from Parliament to speak at the meeting where he strongly opposed the development.

“It is my understanding that the only way to remove a heritage protected item from an LEP is by way of Planning Proposal, and its the role of councils not planning panels that can make that decision.” Mr Tudehope said.

The Decision was deferred so the planning panel can seek legal advice to consider the point raised by Mr Tudehope and to give the applicant time to consult as to how the heritage site might be retained.

Damien’s message to planning panels:

“When considering development applications in Epping, I have four recommendations that I want planning panels to adopt.”

-Do not approve development applications until the City of Parramatta has released its Epping Town Centre traffic study.
-Do not approve development applications until there is commitment from the NSW Government to widen Epping bridge
-Heritage status should only be determined by councils
-When considering traffic impacts of developments, they should be looking at the cumulative impact of development in the area rather than just the impact of the site being considered

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