My Submission to the Religious Freedom Review Panel

I recently made the submission to the Expert Panel on Religious Freedom, and made the following recommendations in respect of the subject enquiry:


(1) Exemptions ought to be provided to allow people to privde services on the basis of a religious belief reasonably held provided that that service can be provided by others; and

(2) To a person who has such a religious belief, state government legislatures ought to amend Anti-Discrimination Acts so as to recognise the obligations owed to persons who have conscientious objections to participating in practices in the workplace; and

(3) No person ever ought to be required to participate in providing services or carrying out work in circumstances where they believe that in doing so, they are cooperating in a moral wrong in circumstances where that belief is reasonably held.


The full submission can be found below:


DT REligious Freedom Review-page-001 DT REligious Freedom Review-page-002 DT REligious Freedom Review-page-003 DT REligious Freedom Review-page-004DT REligious Freedom Review-page-005DT REligious Freedom Review-page-006


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